• כשתפסיק להתייחס למה שאחרים חושבים על היעדים שלך
  • כשתתחייב לעצמך
  • כשתפסיק לחלום ותתחיל לעשות

You stop caring what other people think of your goals.

I know we all say that we don’t care what others say or think, but let’s be honest, we do.

We agonize over the opinions of others, wondering what they would think, what they might think about us.

Will they snicker and judge when we do an extra rep on our own at the end of a tough set? Will they whisper when we run stairs before practice? Or how about when we know we should be going to the gym to do our dryland, but feel embarrassed because we aren’t deadlifting 300 pounds and wearing fluorescent compression gear?

Think of it this way, if nobody was around, if there were no one to judge, what would you do?

Would you train harder?

Would you do the little extra things that separate good from great?

Would you dare to lead?

You’re willing to commit yourself.

Keeping one foot in, and one foot out is the safe way to go about your goals. By never fully investing yourself you avoid the risk of being disappointed if you don’t succeed. Instead, you are left with the false comfort of…

“I could have achieved such-and-such if I had really wanted to.”

Is that much better than giving your all and then coming up short?

Of course not.

You’ll never know what you are capable of until you make a legit effort at trying to achieve some sweet stuff.

You stop dreaming and you start doing.

Thinking about greatness is fun.

Heck, it’s addicting.

Sitting around planning, learning, endlessly strategizing might feel like you are making progress in a tangible way, but you aren’t until you are doing something.

Make no mistake, if you want to make an impact in the sport of swimming, whatever that means for you, you will need to be in a constant state of doing.

Of moving forward…

Of putting action to your dreams…

Of not only having goals, but of living them day in and day out.